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We all know about Dungeons and Dragons videogame. Yes, it is the same role-playing game which is famous worldwide. The game is based on fantasy and gives you the virtual tour of adventure. The game has many editions which are equally popular among people of all ages.

What is xanathar’s guide PDF?

A guide to any gaming book tells you about every detail of the game and makes it even more adventurous and exciting for you. Not only details but also it contains the complete instructions as well solutions.

There are specific strategies that are shared in the guide to help you the best. So, it is recommended for you to go through the guide for sure. It makes your game only better.

Talking about the xanathar’s guide, it is none another than a supplement to the 5th edition. Yes, It is an accessory provided for the 5th edition of the game Dungeons and Dragons. This guide is published in the year of 2017.

This book is there to offer you with so many story options and rules. The possibilities are available for the dungeons masters and players.

How many chapters are there in the book?

The guide includes overall three chapters. The third chapter has two appendices, appendix A and appendix B.

Chapter 1 is named as a Character Option.

In this chapter, you will come to know about more than twenty-five new subclasses for twelve character classes. This includes the Circle Of Dreams, Horizon Walker, and so on.

Chapter 2 is called Dungeon Master’s tools.

It mainly tells you about the proficiencies of tools in details. It also has details about spellcasting. There are various kinds of DM tools too. This in-depth information only makes you a well-skilled player.

Chapter 3 is known as Spells.

This chapter includes two appendices. First one is Shared campaigns, and the second one is called Character Name.

About the guide

The book was published on 15 November 2017. There is all total of 192 pages in the book. The authors of the book include the names of many personalities. The list consists of Adam Lee, Matt Sernett, Jeremy Crawford, Christopher Perkins, Mike Mearls and Robert J. Schwalb.

Wizards of the coast are the publishing company for this guide.

Why should you buy it?

This guide book is a blessing for a dedicated and passionate gamer. You can learn more and more tricks while reading the book. There are enormous pictures that are drawn on the pages that keep you attached to the story. Many people are playing the game but, only some take the gaming as passion. So, if you are passionate enough, this book is for you.

You can enjoy and reach the heights of the game if you have read the book already. So, buy the book on and be the winner!

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