Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Download

Dungeons and Dragons introduced a new accessory called Volo’s guide to monsters. It is the 5th edition of the famous fantasy role-playing game.

About Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF

The book deals with various monsters and how they may interact with you: they may befriend you, they deceive you, where they live, how they may harm you, etc.

This book can act as an excellent supplement for the dungeon master who would like to add depth and danger to the villains our heroes will be fighting against not only this but it will also enable the dungeon master to have a large variety of monsters to add up to the adventures in the game.

The book is written from Volo’s perspective, who is a travelling wizard belonging to the forgotten realms. The man is said to think very highly of himself. The annotations from Elminster help the reader either confirm or debase the claims or ideas made by Volo. The book brings up some old monsters, brings in some new monsters, and gives the demon master an ultimate tool to create a great experience.

The 1st chapter tells about the stories if some of the monsters’ groups mentioned in the monster manual. 2nd chapter provides a supplement to the racing option in the handbook of a player. Chapter 3 introduces you to a lot of new beasts and their stat blocks. Appendix A also gives a few new monsters; appendix B contains a lot of non-player characters to enhance your D&D adventures. The C Appendix lets the players look up the stat blocks present in the book by challenge rating, environment, and creature type.

Let’s look at these first three essential chapters in a bit detail:-

Chapter 1

Monster lore: the monster lore takes a lot of iconic dungeons and dragons monsters and provides additional information regarding their behaviors, origins, lairs, and disposition.

Chapter 2

Character races: it contains some character races that are better off than previous race options in the dungeon and dragon multiverse, and also includes characters like the goblin, the orc, firbolg, etc.

Chapter 3

Bestiary: it gives the players game stats and lore for almost a hundred monsters that are suitable for any dungeons and dragons gaming adventure. It helps you get access to rules and stories to several monsters new to 5th edition D&D, like neogi, vargouille, etc.

Maps or monster lairs

Appendix A: assorted beasts

Appendix B: a non-player character

Appendix C: monster lists


The Volo’s guide to monsters contains a lot of good and exciting stuff for the demon master and some cool things for the players as well. It focuses on three things: – monster lore, new monsters, and new playable character races.

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