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The intelligent investor is a classic novel written by Benjamin Graham. It was first published in 1949. Are you fond of reading books? Are you an investor? Do you like investing in books? If you like investing in books, then you should definitely purchase this one. If you want to learn how to invest, then this book is a best seller.

The book will make you learn about investing in a very exciting way. It can make learning fun as it contains lessons in the form of stories. The book, The Intelligent Investor, will also teach you the values of the company, portfolio policies for defensive and enterprising investors, and many more things in this field.

Do you know about the author of this book? Honestly speaking, if you don’t know about the author and want to learn to invest, then you need to know about him. Well, Benjamin Graham was the most excellent investment advisor of the twentieth century.

He had inspired people across the world. Benjamin Graham, not just a good investor but a man of words and a man to indeed look upon, created many principles of investing safely and successfully. You should follow those principles to have a successful investment. Do you know his remarkable books? Some of his most notable books are Security Analysis, Truth in Securities Act, and of course, The Intelligent Investor.

Wouldn’t it be surprising that you could become a good investor by reading a book only? If you want this, then you should definitely go for The Intelligent Investor. The most common question that can arise in your mind now is what the theme of this book is.

But before moving further and answering this question, I would like to suggest you to buy this book as soon as possible, if you want to be a successful investor. It is not that easy to follow this book; you need dedication to this. Are you ready to become an intelligent investor? So, let’s discuss about this book.

This book is divided into 20 chapters, which deals with everything you should know about stock investing. Although the book begins with elementary concepts, it turns to get a bit tougher to understand all the concepts, as we proceed. This book can also help you if you are a complete beginner as the concepts are explained in an elementary language.

It received the title, ‘the best book on investing ever written.’ It covers all the topics for investing, such as asset allocation, portfolio policy, market fluctuation, dividends, and  of course, Benjamin Graham’s most famous principle, ‘margin of safety.’ In this book, every topic is interlinked as just reading a topic, let’s say, market fluctuation without knowing another topic, say, portfolio policy would be of no use.

Now, you might be thinking of where to get this book. Right? Well, today, almost everyone has an internet connection. You can buy this book online, or you can even download this book in the form of a PDF.

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