Pathfinder Core Rulebook PDF Free Download

Pathfinder is a role-playing game based on fantasy. The game is designed by Jason Bulmahn and published by Paizo publishing company in the year 2009. The game has two editions published till now. The game topped lists for many years and still is famous among kids and teens, but every aged people like to play this game usually.

Pathfinder role-playing game published a book, basically a typical guide that has 640 pages in total. This rulebook has the basic rules that are easier to learn and understand. Everything is described so beautifully in the book. The language of the book is understandable by all of us comfortably.

Along with these things, this rulebook also provides loads of characters to choose from. You can select among ancestries like human, halfling, elf, goblin, etc. There are different classes, even there, such as sorcerer, fighter, alchemist, etc. Using these characters, you can design your character. The book promotes the idea of creating your world of fantasy in the game.

The book has so much to offer,

  • It has twelve classes including alchemist, champion, monk, wizard, bard, druid, barbarian, sorcerer, rogue, cleric, fighter and ranger.
  • It also offers six ancestries, human, goblin, elf, dwarf, gnome. Halfling.
  • The very vast variety of backgrounds the book is offering you. Yes, there are about thirty backgrounds to choose from. Some of them are soldier, bartender and apprentice. Choose your desired experience and make your character the best.
  • There are many abilities out there in the book for you to choose. They are fascinating. For example, use spells or class feats to make your chosen character more heroic. Isn’t it exciting?
  • The rules of the game are revised in the book to make it much more comfortable and understandable for new players.

All this information occupy a total of 600 pages in the book.

Coming to the creative team of the book, it is immensely amazing. The game is highly praised so that you can estimate the level of the book quickly. The innovative team has worked hard to give out the best rulebook. It is the hard work of the team that will not leave you bored during the whole reading of the book. It will leave you awe.

The publisher of the book is Eric Mona, and the cover artist is Wayne Reynolds. The cover is exceptionally stunning and gives you the adventure feels. Lead designing is done by none other than Jason Bulmahn. He has provided real creativity to the book.

The creative direction is done by James Jacobs, which is praiseworthy. Monte Cook is a design consultant. Sarah E. Robinson is the art director of the book, and James Davis is the senior art director of the book.

In short, the game is more exciting with this book. If you read this rulebook, you can make your game better and better. It allows you to choose between a variety of characters and backgrounds. Also, you can select the desired qualities that you want in your characters. So, get this rulebook to experience the best adventurous ride.

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