Jansunwai Portal 2020

Jansunwai platform is an integrated grievance redress mechanism in Uttar Pradesh designed to achieve the goal of good governance using the latest technology that involves all stakeholders. A citizen can file a grievance openly and easily, monitor the grievance lodged on all appropriate platforms, and obtain answers in terms of both quality and time to his satisfaction.

Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai was launched by Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath Ji, through this facility any person from the state may lodge his complaint online and your issue will be remedied by the department concerned within the stated period.

Since they can’t come out of the state or their homes because of the lockdown, these people have to fill in their details through this site. People can register with the site even via the public hearing app. It’s included in the Android version too.

State workers are trapped in other states because of lockdown and want to move to other states from outside the state. And they can register on portal Jansunavai. Registration on this portal began on 5 May at noon.

Registration made on the site of Janasunwai would not be considered a travel permit. Information on receiving authorization from the competition level will be made available to the applicant. This service is also available on Jansunwai Portal’s Android App on Tuesday 5 May.

  • Name of the scheme: Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai
  • Chief Officer: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath
  • Department: Uttar Pradesh Public Grievance Department
  • Type of registration online and through phone
  • Official website http://jansunwai.up.nic.in/

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched the UP Janasunwai platform to preserve law and order and remove the department-related problems so that state people’s grievances can be easily addressed. To avoid state corruption through the portal at Jansunwai.

The State Government’s goal is to extend the advantage of this public hearing facility to all Uttar Pradesh citizens. Those citizens of the state who have no job linked to any department of government and face many difficulties can then lodge their complaints on the portal of UP Jansunwai.

Similar divisions can solve the problem in the shortest time possible. Will do so and you can see UP Jansunwai Complaint Status form online before your complaint is resolved. The Government has introduced the No. 1076 Chief Minister Helpline to further promote this public hearing

UP Public Hearing Portal

The UP government has started Jansunwai portal, people of the state can register their complaints online through the internet from home through this Jansunwai portal. Is and the concerned department will solve your problem and you can get the solution of your problems in time and can also see the status of the complaint.

How to do Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai online registration?

  • First of all, go to the official website jansunwai.up.nic.in
  • To file a complaint, click on the “Complaint Registration” link.
  • Now some details should appear on the computer, in which it has been told that may subjects will not be considered complaints. To enter the consent click below and click the “Submit” link.
  • After this, consent has to be entered and then click on the button of ‘Submit’. After clicking, you have to enter your email id and mobile number for online registration, then enter captcha code and click on the submit button.
  • Now after this, OTP will be sent to verify the email ID and mobile number. Then you will have to fill the OTP and click on submit.
  • After that, the application form for public hearing registration will open in front of you, you can file a complaint online by providing all the details correctly in this application form, then click on submit.
  • Notice the identification number on the plaint file after identification.

Jansunwai Application Status Tracking

Uttar Pradesh Jansunwai portal also helps you to check your UPE pass registration status. To track the status of that pass application on Jansunwai.up.nic.in

  • Go to http:/ Application.aspx for details.
  • Enter your registration number for public application.
  • Type telephone number and registration number.
  • Submit your application form and check your registration status

Complaint Status Jansunwai Portal

  • First of all, to see the complaint reported in Jansunwai you must go to the UP Jansunawai Official website. The home page will open in front of you, after going to the official website.
  • You will see the Track Complaint Status option on this Homer page, and click on it.
  • After that a form will open on which you will have to fill out your mobile number and email ID, then enter the security pin and then click the submit button.
  • You can then easily verify the status of the complaint made after this.

Overseas registration from Uttar Pradesh to other states

  • Firstly, you need to go to Jansunavai’s official website. The home page will open before you, after visiting the official website.
  • You will see the “Overseas Registration” option on this homepage. The next page will open in front of you, after clicking on the option.
  • One will open in front of you on this page. You’ll need to fill out the mobile number, email ID, and captcha code, etc in this form. You will need to click on the send OTP button after filling out all the information. You’ll then obtain the OTP.
  • And the login form will then open on the next page before you. You must fill in all the details requested in this registration form such as your name address etc.
  • Click on the submit button after you have filled in all the details. Your registration will be completed this way.

How to download Jansunwai Mobile APP?

  • To download the Jansunwai Mobile App, you first need to go to your phone to google play store.
  • After this, the mobile app will appear after searching for the public search on Google Play
  • Then press the button Download. Following this, you can launch your Jansunwai Mobile App. Then open the window, then you can take all of Jansunwai’s portal features into the window itself.

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